Wednesday, 14 January 2015

IT Expert Analysis : Photos Abraham Samad False Modified - Photographs like Abraham Samad and also Elvira Devinamira shocked the public with a variety of intimate poses are presented. Poses intimate glimpse of it as original as it is very detailed picture in a variety of different angles.
However, when consulted by IT experts, many irregularities are found in the photographs like Abraham Samad and Elvira Devinamira it. Simarmata Janner, who is the Secretary General of the Forum Academic IT (Fait) reveal various oddities that he found.
"Actually, to conduct verification of the authenticity of the photos can be done by means of visual observation, and it certainly was the method requires sensitivity to see an object. By doing so we do not need any tools such as image processing applications are able to demonstrate and clarify parts of the odd using these methods, it can be ascertained that nasty photo Abraham Samad is the result of an engineering, "said Janner as reported
Analysis of IT related intimate photos like Abraham Samad - Elvira Devinamira.
The man who is also a lecturer at the University of Medan Computer it says the photos can be easily engineered. In cases like Abraham Samad, the photo was edited with a method he calls Blurring (obscure), Smoothing (smoothing the edges), and Smudging (smoothes the object's surface).
"It's a crime related to the use of information technology without limits and without permission. The authorities must investigate this case engineering photo spread and find out who penyebarnya," he said.
In addition, photo editing Jenner mentioned actors can be prosecuted under some claims that Article 72 paragraph 5 of Act No. 19 of 2002 on Copyright and Article 72 paragraph 5, and Article 35 paragraph (1) of Law No. 11 Year 2008 on Information and Electronic technology.

IT Expert Analysis : Photos Abraham Samad False Modified
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