US Man to Plead Guilty for Turning $25 Million in Crypto to Cash

An American pleaded guilty to stealing more than $ 8 million from a Turkish investor, US attorney Tom Beall said. The brother and sister have collected at least $ 100,000, missed their own mortgage payments, and lost their home. On Friday, his wife was convicted in Seattle for social security fraud, and today (Wednesday), Floyd Jay Mann pleaded guilty to the Anchorage District Court for 19-fold wiring and money laundering.

An indictment for a ransom based on Bridges theft is still pending against Ulbricht. Charges are still pending against Carl Force, a DEA agent who has attempted to blackmail the Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested during the sting operation and convicted of drug trafficking last month. An opposition agreement provided that a second charge of wire fraud could be dropped.

The court allowed him to be released until sentenced on December 11. It then settled the bill to fly man back to his Puyallup home, where neighbors say Jay and Cheryl Mann’s life continues as usual. A court in Melbourne heard that the men were members of a loyalty club of Crown Casino when they dealt with the cash that was in the Guardian Vaults and in the ANZ Depot facilities.

The victim was a Turkish resident, the founder of a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Due to the defendant’s false statements, he or she transferred money to Shehata Bank in New York. Five suspects plead guilty to participating in a million-dollar fraud and money laundering system in call centers in India, the US Department of Justice said Monday. The conviction is scheduled after the government has indicted other suspects. The case against man was assembled by the FBI, the IRS, the Social Security Administration, and even the local police in Dillingham. Recently, tax evasion cases have become more and more public.

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